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Welcome to OVERSEER website management with web-hosting courtesy of HEARTINTERNET.CO.UK

In days gone by AOL Hometown provided AOL members with a hosting service for their personal web pages.  Since its demise many members have struggled to find a simple replacement web-hosting service.

We have found Heart Internet to be a practical personal web pages host for those who have, or are prepared to purchase their own domain name.  The facilities at Heart Internet are excellent and comprehensive including low-cost web-hosting, domain transfers, domain re-direct, mail re-direct, free web design software and templates and much more.

Check-out their facilities for yourself by visiting  Alternatively, if you prefer not to get involved in the hosting side of things, we can publish your web pages for you.  Click on the 'Facilities' link in the left-hand panel for details of our services and don't forget to read our Terms and Conditions.

Please note that whilst Overseer provides a home here for a limited number of basic personal web pages, it takes no responsibility for the content of those web pages.


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