An alternative concept in funeral planning.

You can now pre-plan your own funeral without the immediate cost of a Pre-payment Plan.

Not everyone wants to pay in advance for their funeral - you may have a life insurance policy

or savings which will cover the cost when the time comes.

You specify the details of what you want for your own funeral and record them in your own

Personal Funeral Plan.  The Funeral Plan is then available for your loved ones to utilise when

the time comes and will provide clear instructions for your family and the Funeral Director

when making the actual funeral arrangements.


You may not be aware of the many choices available to you when planning a funeral and our

aim is to ensure that you receive appropriate guidance through the various options available

to you.  From the obvious, such as cremation or burial, to the less obvious, such as

providing your own music for the funeral service.  


There are two ways of setting up a Personal Funeral Plan whilst avoiding pre-payment :-

Pre-arrangement or Self-plan.


It is a little-known fact that many funeral companies will pre-arrange a funeral without

pre-payment.  Whilst they tend to prefer pre-payment plans they may, if asked, be

prepared to simply pre-arrange your funeral.  A funeral arranger or director will discuss

all your options with you and record your choices just as they would if your family were

making the arrangements at the time of need.  You can even have family members with

you to help with the choices.  The funeral company will then file the completed

Pre-arrangement Plan for when the time comes for it to be invoked.



Our Personal Funeral Self-plan Form is available for those who simply prefer to make

their own Plan.  The form consists of 5 pages - Cover, Plan-holder Details, Funeral

Arrangement, Special Instructions & Notes, and Declaration.  The actual arangement

part is designed as multiple-choice whereby you can identify your preference by

highlight, underline or circling your chosen option, or striking through the ones you

don't want.  If you are unsure about anything our experienced funeral arranger is only

an e-mail away for free advice and assistance.

To obtain a Self-plan Form simply open and print the following 5 files and fill-in

your details and choices.

Self-plan Form - Cover

Self-plan Form - Plan-holder Details

Self-plan Form - Funeral Arrangements

Self-plan Form - Special Instructions

Self-plan Form - Declaration

Once your Personal Funeral Self-Plan is completed you should sign the declaration

on the last page and have it witnessed as a formal document.  You then have several

options.  You can file the Plan yourself along with your other important personal

documents, or pass it on to your next of kin or executor.  Alternatively, if you have

nominated a preferred funeral company, you may consider asking them if they are

prepared to retain the Plan on your behalf.  Note: It is not advisable to have more

than one copy of the Plan in existance since, if changes are made to one and not

the other, it could lead to confusion.

There are no charges for the Self-plan facility although you may wish to make a small

donation to your favourite charity as a good-will gesture.

Note:  The Personal Funeral Self-plan Form states clearly that no pre-payment has

been made for the funeral outlined in the Plan unless an appropriate certificate of

such payment is attached to the Plan.


Whichever Plan you have opted for, either the Pre-arrangement Plan with a funeral

company of your choice or your personally produced Self-plan, you are strongly

advised to make sure that your family or legal representative are aware of it's location

in order to ensure that your funeral wishes are respected at the time of need.

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